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Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale

When you want to enjoy the delicious tastes of traditional Japanese cuisine, then the perfect place to visit is right in Glendale. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale offers sushi and other Asian foods all in a modern and comfortable atmosphere. Just imagine being able to enjoy tasty foods right down the road from your home. All you have to do is look for the red mask.

Sushi in Glendale is waiting for you in an establishment that is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. When you walk through the doors of Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale, you will be able to enjoy the ideal combination of tradition and modernity. The music that sets the ambiance is contemporary. The design is minimalistic with rich hues that will make you feel comfortable. Whether you are visiting for lunch with your family, a business meeting, or a romantic evening out, the atmosphere at this restaurant will suit perfectly.

The History

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale is easily recognizable by the red mask that graces logos, doors, and walls. That mask tells a lot about the history of the Kabuki name. Dating back to a time in the 7th century, people enjoyed the Kabuki art form. This was a style of theater that included opulent masks and costumes used to share with all people the stories from Japanese past.

Why is the Kabuki name connected with a modern restaurant that serves sushi in Glendale? The answer is simple. This Kabuki Theater was designed to bring the arts to everyone, not just the rich. The same could be said of Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale. It offers sushi for all people.

An Appealing Environment

One of the best things about Kabuki Restaurants, is that they offer a friendly, comfortable environment that anyone would enjoy. It is contemporary and the perfect combination of casual and professional. That’s why you can easily take care of a business meeting here. At the same time, though, your whole family will enjoy chatting around the table while enjoying traditional foods.

You won’t find elaborate paintings or traditional decor here. Instead, you will find bold and rich colors, minimalistic design, and contemporary music. This is designed to set the ideal ambiance so that anyone who walks through the doors will feel right at home.

There is one great location in Glendale close to your home. That way, you don’t even have to drive far to enjoy sushi and other traditional Japanese meals. The Kabuki name refers to an old tradition of providing something special to people from all walks of life. This restaurant wants to serve you no matter who you are and what you like to enjoy. No matter why you visit, you are sure to have a wonderful experience when you walk in the doors of Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Glendale. While you are there, be sure to try the sushi and remember the motto “sushi for all of mankind.” We keep the tradition through foods and the perfect environment.

Anyone else in a Mondaze? Start the week right with an order of our Tuna Tataki, plus a specialty roll for good measure!

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Chopsticks at the ready! Pictured: Lava Roll 🔥 salmon, cream cheese, spicy tuna, deep-fried jalapeño and sweet sambal sauce 😋

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Our Cilantro Albacore Roll is making the sushi bar look reaaaaal good 😉👌

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New month, new cocktail from Master Sake Sommelier Yuji Matsumoto! The TY KU Cucumber Martini is refreshing and crisp, features TY KU Cucumber Sake, a touch of vodka and tonic, topped with a cucumber slice! 👌🍸

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Sashimi Omakase for dinner, please! 🙌 Pictured: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, halibut and albacore sashimi 👌

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