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Kabuki Offers a Japanese Restaurant in Irvine

The word kabuki comes from a long-standing tradition in Japan. Back in the 7th century, the theater came to life for people all over the country. The actors wore elaborate costumes and they told stories from Japan’s history as well as tales of love, morality, and emotion. Everyone could see this theater and it was an opportunity to bring the arts to even the more remote regions of Japan. Kabuki certainly has a tradition in the country and that tradition comes to America through Kabuki Japanese Restaurants. Offering sushi in Irvine as well as in 13 other locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area and other select cities in the United States, these restaurants offer a combination of traditional sushi and Japanese dishes in a modern environment.
The name of the restaurant comes from those traditional kabuki roots. Just as the theater was available for everyone, the modern establishments provide the best in sushi for everyone as well. Designed to appeal to even children, the restaurants are the perfect place to visit for almost any occasion.

Tradition Meets the Modern Day

Just because a restaurant for sushi in Irvine offers traditional foods doesn’t mean it has to be traditional in atmosphere. That is something the Kabuki Restaurants understand very well. That’s why the décor and environment created is modern, minimalistic, and inviting. The colors used include reds, blacks, and grays to keep a simple yet chic style. Décor is not overwhelming so that anyone will feel comfortable enough to relax in the restaurant.
To make things even more contemporary, guests will be able to enjoy the ambient music of today’s top hits playing softly in the background. This is a far cry from many of the other traditional dining establishments that may not seem quite so inviting to just anyone.

A Menu to Love

Guests of any type will enjoy the menu at this Japanese restaurant in Irvine. That’s because it is designed to offer a variety of appealing choices. Guests will be able to choose from the most traditional foods and dishes as well as a variety of sushi and other Japanese cuisine. A children’s menu is available for families who would like to visit. Additionally, there is a menu designed just for vegetarians. Any meal can be topped off with the perfect beverage and dessert as well.
The Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Irvine is one of many in the area offering a traditional yet contemporary option that everyone will enjoy.

Hello there, Smokey Philly Roll! Smoked salmon and cream cheese wrapped in a roll, garnished with capers.

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#TGIF indeed! Take it easy with an order of our Spider Roll, soft shell crab, avocado and krab roll topped with smelt egg.

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Our two favorite Japanese beers are available for just $1.95 for a limited time only at Kabuki Restaurant Brea, Kabuki Restaurant at Pasadena Colorado St., Kabuki Restaurant Howard Hughes Center and Kabuki Restaurant Oxnard! Choose from Asahi or SAPPORO USA Draft (mug, 12 oz)!
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At #Kabuki we celebrate #nationalsofticecreamday with an order of Banana Tempura. Why? Because it's served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, and it's absolutely delish.

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