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A Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Tempe Brings Tradition to the Desert

In two locations in Arizona, the Kabuki Japanese Restaurants offer traditional yet modern establishments. With locations in Tempe as well as Glendale, the restaurants provide an opportunity for everyone to experience excellent sushi. When you wish to enjoy a Japanese restaurant in Tempe, you will find that you cannot go wrong with Kabuki.
There are different places to enjoy sushi in Tempe, but none of them quite compare to the combination of atmosphere, food, and tradition that Kabuki Japanese Restaurants has to offer. Hearkening back to traditions held dear in Japan since the seventh century, this dining establishment combines the past and the present for an inviting atmosphere that will appeal to anyone from any walk of life.

The Motto

The Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Tempe has a very important motto: “sushi for all of mankind.” That’s because the founders and owners believe that anyone, no matter who they are, should be able to enjoy sushi as well as other fine Japanese cuisines. The establishments offer traditional menus, vegetarian meals, children’s foods, and of course, a wide variety of sushi options.
It’s this motto that visits the traditions of Japan as well. Kabuki Theater, which started in the seventh century, focused on allowing anyone to enjoy the art form. Groups of actors would travel around with extravagant costumes and tell love, life, history, and moral stories to anyone who wanted to enjoy them. They believed in presenting theater for all of mankind. That’s why the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Tempe takes its name. They offer something excellent for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

The Atmosphere

Tradition is not the only key word at the establishments to offer sushi in Tempe. Additionally, the restaurants specialize in creating a modern environment that is both appealing and inviting. The décor and colors used throughout the restaurant are contemporary and unassuming. This way, they create a pleasant atmosphere that appeals to anyone and makes guests want to sit back, relax, and share their stories over a delicious meal.
To keep things even more modern, the restaurants always play the top hits on current charts for more ambiance.
With the unique combination of traditional foods and a contemporary environment, the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Tempe is appealing for numerous different reasons. Guests will certainly enjoy keeping up with the tradition of Kabuki Theater by sharing their own stories.

The Food

Food, of course, is very important, and the restaurant does offer sushi in Tempe. There is much more to the menu as well, and anyone will find meals that appeal to them. Traditional plates feature ingredients that would be used in true Japanese dishes. There are even foods that will appeal to children as well.
There are two Kabuki Japanese Restaurants in Arizona so that more people will be able to enjoy the traditional food in a modern atmosphere. The red mask symbolizes the combination of tradition and excellence and it graces the doors of every restaurant with the name.

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! What's your lineup? Ours looks a lot like this! 😍🍣😍🍣 www.kabukirestaurants.com/

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Oh you know how we roll, sushi to-order all day long! Hanging at @brea_chamber's #tasteofbrea tonight! Come and see us, we'll make you happy, promise. 🍣😍🔥

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We're sooooo into soba rn. Available as either a hot or cold dish, our Sansai Soba features buckwheat noodles, assorted Japanese mountain vegetables and nameko mushrooms 😋🍜

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Wine down Wednesday? We think so, it's National Wine Day, everyone! You'll find a great selection of wine on the Kabuki beverage menu from Chardonnay to Cabernet! Don't forget to order a glass with your sushi tonight!

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Today's eye candy brought to you by the Alaskan Roll 😍 Baked salmon, California roll and eel sauce. Yes. Yum. See you soon. 👍

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