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Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills

When you want to enjoy sushi in Woodland Hills, you don’t have to go very far. That’s because Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is waiting for you. This dining establishment offers a variety of different traditional Japanese meals on an eclectic menu. Of course, you can choose from a variety of different sushi and sashimi options as well.
The Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills is the ideal combination of traditional foods and a modern environment. This establishment doesn’t just appeal to a few people. It will appeal to everyone who wants to enjoy delicious foods because the environment is conducive to a variety of different plans from business meetings to family dinners.

The Story of the Mask

A very striking red mask will greet you when you walk in the door of the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills. It also appears on artwork and logos throughout the establishment. There is actually a story behind this mask and it is connected directly to the story of the restaurant.

Take a look back into the history of Japan. Step back to the 7th century when there were many villagers who would never go to go to the city and enjoy artwork of any kind. People created a very popular form of theater called Kabuki. This theater included actors who wore very extravagant costumes and masks and they would tell stories of Japan on stage.

Kabuki Theater was designed specifically for the everyman. It traveled throughout the countryside so that even villagers in far reaching areas could enjoy it. As far as the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills, there is a connection. This restaurant believes in offering sushi for everyone just as the theater was designed to offer the stage to everyone.

The Comfortable Environment

Many places don’t offer a comfortable enough environment for everyone to enjoy. That’s not the case with the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant where you can enjoy sushi in Woodland Hills. You will certainly find this the perfect environment whether you want to enjoy a dinner out with your family and friends or you are scheduling a business lunch.

The colors used throughout the restaurant are rich and bold in shades of red. The ambient music is contemporary and played at the perfect level to offer just the right amount of background tunes. This comfortable and calm environment makes it easy for anyone to sit back, laugh around the table, focus on a serious discussion, and still enjoy delicious sushi in Woodland Hills.

If you are looking for the right restaurant close to home, then do not look any further than Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills. You won’t just find delicious sushi, but also you can find a variety of traditional Japanese foods on an eclectic menu. Thanks to the contemporary style and décor of the restaurant, you can enjoy the perfect combination of modern and traditional experiences. When you want to enjoy your next meal, be sure to look for the red mask.

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We're sooooo into soba rn. Available as either a hot or cold dish, our Sansai Soba features buckwheat noodles, assorted Japanese mountain vegetables and nameko mushrooms 😋🍜

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Wine down Wednesday? We think so, it's National Wine Day, everyone! You'll find a great selection of wine on the Kabuki beverage menu from Chardonnay to Cabernet! Don't forget to order a glass with your sushi tonight!

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Today's eye candy brought to you by the Alaskan Roll 😍 Baked salmon, California roll and eel sauce. Yes. Yum. See you soon. 👍

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