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Do you offer take-out, delivery or curbside service?

Most menu selections are available to go, for either pick up or delivery. Select Kabuki Restaurants offer curbside pick up, call your local Kabuki to place your order and inquire about this service. Or, click here to order online!

Order Online

Do you offer a catering service?

Currently, we do not offer a catering service, but we are accustomed to fulfilling large orders. Check your local Kabuki for more and to place an order.

Do you have a children’s menu?

Yes. We offer a creative selection of kid-friendly items. Ask your server or host for the award-winning, fun Kids’ Menu coloring page and crayons.

Do you have birthday celebrations?

Yes, just let your server know who the special guest is. The birthday guest will receive complimentary ice cream and our staff will come by and sing a Japanese song for the party.

Do you offer vegetarian dishes?

Yes, we do. Please ask your server for details.

Do you offer gluten-free dishes?

Yes, we do. Please ask your server for details.

Is Miso Soup vegetarian?

No, Japanese Miso soup is fish broth-based.

What if I have special dietary needs?

We try to accommodate any special dietary needs for our guests. Please inform your server of your request when ordering.

How often do you have menu changes?

We revise our menus annually to maintain innovative dishes for our guests to choose from while also trying out new favorites. In addition, we offer seasonal menu items to give our guests even more to enjoy.

Do you accept reservations?

Reservation policies vary by location. Most of our locations block out weekend reservations. Please call the location you would like to visit for details.

How can I purchase a Kabuki gift card?

You can purchase Kabuki gift cards via our website or at any of our locations.

How can I redeem a re-sold Kabuki gift card that I bought from somewhere else besides the Kabuki website or at a Kabuki location?

We DO NOT accept and will not be responsible for re-sold gift cards. The only gift cards we accept are the e-gift cards that are bought via our website or the physical gift cards that can be purchased at any of our locations. To redeem a gift card, you will need to present to your server, a physical Kabuki gift card or the official copy of an e-gift card.

Do you have a frequent diner’s program?

Yes. Our Red Mask Club is a free program for our guests to enjoy member-exclusive offers, including point-based rewards and incentives to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. Please stop by your local Kabuki and ask your host or server for more information about our Red Mask Club.

Do you have large tables for big parties?

Yes, most of our restaurants can accommodate large groups. Please call the location you would like to visit for details and seating arrangements.

Do you franchise your restaurants?

All Kabuki restaurants are company owned and operated. There are no plans for franchise offerings at the present time.

Do you plan to open restaurants in other parts of the country?

Yes, we are currently in the planning stages for expansion all over the country. Stay tuned for a future Kabuki Japanese Restaurant near you.

How can I purchase shares of Kabuki Restaurants?

Presently, Kabuki Japanese Restaurant (Kaizen Dining Group) is not a public company.

How can I submit feedback about my experience?

You can email your feedback and comments to

Who do I speak to to invite Kabuki as a food vendor to my event?

We would love to be part of your event. Please email

How can I submit a donation request for a worthy cause and charity events?

For all donation requests, please email

Do you host school fundraisers?

Yes, we love supporting our community. For more information, please email

Do you have an e-club?

Yes, we do! Please enter your email in the “Email Signup” box at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.