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Introducing Haku Vodka & The Water Lily

a glass of wine


  Haku Vodka is the gluten-free, Japanese craft vodka from the House of Suntory. Made with 100% Japanese white rice "the soul of this vodka" then filtered through bamboo charcoal, the name 'Haku' itself means "white" or "brilliant" --a tribute to the craft of mastering a luminous vodka unparalleled in it's smooth, soft taste. The curved lines on the bottle are meant to reflect the streams glistening through nature in Japan as they run through the four seasons. House of Suntory products are deeply rooted in the nature and spirit of Japan. 


 To honor this rich legacy, we've crafted the perfect cocktail to enhance Haku Vodka's round yet subtle taste; The Water Lily. The vodka is infused with house-made French Aloe Chareau; consisting of macerated vine fruits, eau de vie and bright botanicals. It's first infused with fragrant lemongrass and citrus then finished with fresh aloe vera juice to complete this wonderful expression. It pairs with any kind of sushi and is a perfect choice at the start or end of any meal as the aloe and lemongrass also work as a cleansing Apertif. Enjoy!

Must be 21 years old and older to order | Please sip and enjoy responsibly